# Common issues and remedies

# Stereo expected, but mono audio

"I seem to only be getting mono audio (this is a 2 speaker stereo tv) and I have both L/R connected."

Sticking in an RCA plug in the red rca audio channel helps. This means the TV has basic mono/stereo detection, which shorts two points when cable is removed.

This method of detection can be seen in Samsung CRT (for composite) and in Toshiba CF27F50 CRT TVs for audio and composite.

# CCD interfering with RGB

Samsung TXD-1372

This set was unusual, it has some extra circuitry for what I believe is for Close Caption Display. Long story short, it appears that it was designed to be disabled in some versions of this set (the board and schematic show an optional jumper) so we should bypass it with addition of the jumper JWJ06 - MarkOZLAD

# Why is my CRT too dark after the RGB mod?

TV turns on. Raster is on. However it is too dark to see anything on the screen. This means, one or more of your R, G, B wires are grounded.

Resolder the R, G, B wires and make sure none of the wires are grounded. Made sure all connections to the neck board are secure.

# Strange interference noticed after RGB mod

If you notice any strange micro interference on the screen, it is normal for this TV. These mostly have to do with the level of brightness (adjusted through flyback) and RGB inline resistor values used.

Plugging in the component cable with the audio cables reduced this interference. Using a shielded R, G, B cable can reduce interference.

# Too bright

If your brightness level is slightly higher than normal, it is because of the terminating 75 ohm resistors. Once I accidentally used 75 kohms instead of 75 ohms. The screen was extremely bright with lots of distortion. Something to keep in mind.

# Verical foldover

Capacitor in the vertical circuit is the culprit. In Toshiba's replacing the C407 remedies this issue. Reddit discussion (opens new window)