# Feeding Sony Profeel CRTs analog RGB signal


Sony KX-1901/Sony KX-2501 does not support analog RGB, only digital RGB. However, if you have the later revision Sony KX-1901A or Sony KX-2501A CRT, then you are good. "A" at the end of the model # here apparently stands for "Analog" support. Using the RGB Multi to SCART adapter on non-"A" version will not be that useful for retro gaming purposes.

If you feed analog RGB to digital RGB input you might see colors that are flat, missing or corrputed.

# 34P to SCART Adapter ($19US + shipping)

img img

Lead time (1 month). Only have few in inventory.

# Early prototype

I guess you have to start somewhere with these mods. This was my early prototype made with a floppy cable. While it worked, it was really messy.


Someone made this adapter. It's nice to see how they made their's as well. Click the image below to see the imgur post.

img (opens new window)

# 34 pin connector

Mapping for the 34 pin connector to the floppy connector can be seen below.


# Pin Translation

5V 1 34 < NC 18 33
5V 2 32 NC 19 31
Audio (R) Ground 3 30 < Audio (R) Input 20 29
Ground 4 28 Mode Select 21 27
Remote Ground 5 26 NC 22 25
Composite Ground 6 24 < Composite Output 23 23
Audio (L) Ground 7 22 < Audio (L) Input 24 21 <
Red Ground 8 20 < Red Input 25 19 <
Green Ground 9 18 < Green Input 26 17 <
Blue Ground 10 16 < Blue Input 27 15 <
Ground 11 14 NC 28 13
Ground 12 12 Blanking Input (3V) 29 11 <
Ground 13 10 < Composite Sync Input 30 9 <
NC 14 8 NC 31 7
Ground 15 6 NC 32 5
Ground 16 4 RGB Mode Select 33 3
NC 17 2 Audio Select 34 1 <

# Shifting the RGB image

With every RGB mod, I have always noticed a slight shift in the RGB image. KX1901A was no exception. Without the service manual it was a bit tricky to make this adjustment. Lucikly stabarz (opens new window) was kind enough to make a post (opens new window) on what needed to be adjusted on this particular set. I made the recommended adjustment and it just worked fine. My understanding is that this adjustment only applies to this particular set - KX1901A.

img (opens new window)

img Move H.CENT jumper from the "C" position to the "R" position (circled). Getting to this board is not straight forward, so be prepared to go through several screws and wires.

Another easier method to shift the RGB image, is to use an RGB image shifter. I got one of these 5 in 2 out manual SCART switch for ~$70USD and it worked like a charm! There are probably muliple varieties of these RGB shifters on AliExpress that can get the job done.

This is my current setup img

More pictures here

# Pictures

# Adapter

img img img Adapter on Sony Profeel KX-1901A img

# KX-1901A

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# KV-1311CR